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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Radio Chianti and first post of 2012!

Radda in Chianti, 2009
Ciao a tutti!

I'm sorry for not having updated this blog in a while.  The holidays came and went, things got busy...and, well, you know the drill! :)

I wanted to talk about listening to Italian radio stations and how they can help.  I often find myself a little annoyed that so many Italian radio stations play so much English music which is why, when I want to practicing listening to Italian, I head to Radio 24.

The other day I read about Radio Chianti in the July 2011 issue of "In Chianti", an Italian publication about the going's-on in Chianti in Tuscany.  You can read the article here - just head over to the web site, download the latest issue, and the article about the radio is one of the first - you won't have to scroll through it for long.

The radio station is fun to listen to, especially the banter between the various DJ's that host the programs on the show. They also have podcasts and Facebook page.  They play a whole range of music - Italian and English artists - and is fun to listen to during the day.  You can also listen on your mobile device (through your phone/tablet's browser).

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