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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Telegiornale -- TV News

The news in Italy can be easily watched online and is a great way to improve your Italian while at the same time keep abreast of current events in Italy and the world. Italy has several news broadcasts -- Tg1 broadcasts the news several times a day, with the first newscast starting at 800am (30 min. Monday through Friday) then again at 1:30pm (30 min.), 5pm (10 min) and then the last edition usually comes at 8:00pm (another 30 min).

There are several teaser editions of the news that follow in the morning and throughout the day that provide lead-ins for various stories and are usually only a few minutes in length. Sometimes these shorter editions are the best ways to practice your listening skills as there's not a lot to take in and are short enough to promote learning.

Tg1 is a good site because not only can you watch the various news broadcasts throughout the day, but there are also various "channels" on the web site where you can view special stories and more in-depth reporting on various other topics, such as culture, crime, international events, economy and more.

There are several other news broadcasts: Tg2, Tg3, Tg Parlamento (with all the news from the Senate and Chambers), Tg Regionale (where you can view local news broadcasts from all over Italy), and Tg Sport (with all the latest news updates in the sports world).

You're bound to find something interesting on any of these sites!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Learning Italian with YouTube

If you're looking for Italian listening resources, check out YouTube. Many of the Italian television stations are starting to post their content on YouTube. Sign up as a subscriber to their updates and receive a weekly digest of the new clips that they have added.

You can also set YouTube to display in Italian -- another great way to practice your language skills by navigating the site in Italian and reading the comments left.

Below are some YouTube Channels with content updated on a regular basis:
Those are just a few channels. YouTube has thousands of videos of Italian shows that have been uploaded by more casual users, so if you're looking for something specific, give YouTube a search - you'll be surprised at what you can find.