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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Passaparola is an initiative of Beppe Grillo and Marco Travaglio. Each week starting at 2pm Italian time, Marco Travaglio talks about the political situation in Italy. Travaglio and Grillo are two of the harshest critics (and rightly so) of the Italian political class and the Italian government which borders at times on the ineffectual. Travaglio is one of Italy's most celebrated journalists. He made waves a few months ago on the program Che tempo che fa, and it seems that now he has his own program hosted online.

Right now, the transmission is on break for the summer holidays but plans to return in September.

The good thing about these podcasts are:
  1. You can watch the videos anytime you want as a podcast through Itunes or you RSS feed reader.
  2. All of the podcasts feature subtitles so if you don't understand something, you can read as you follow along with Signor Travaglio while he talks. You can also follow along with the transcript of the video if you have trouble seeing the subtitles.
I recommend this program/video because it gives you a look into the Italian political situation. Travaglio is known for his honest journalism and straight talk. And now you can practice your Italian while learning something important about Italian culture at the same time.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alberto Moravia's 'Gli Indifferenti'

A great way to practice your listening and reading skills is to read books in Italian while you follow along with the speaker. Last year, Bompiani released Alberto Moravia's Gli indifferenti with a reading by Toni Servillo of one of Moravia's greatest works. This book includes six CD's and a complete reading of the work -- now you can read and listen to this great work. Practice and follow along with the book or listen to the CD's on their own.

If you already have a copy of the work, you can listen to the reading from RAI's Terzo Anello.

Reading along or listening on your own is an excellent way to improve your ear.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Questa casa non è un albergo

If you have children or enjoy listening and learning about family matters, dealing with your children's problems and general advice on getting along at home, then you will enjoy this podcast, Questa casa non è un albergo.

Hosted on Radio24 by Nicoletta Carbone and Alberto Pellai, this show can be heard live every Saturday at 2pm, or you can pick up the episode later as a podcast. Each week the presenters discuss various topics all of which revolve around family life, children's issues, and other matters relating to the home and family.

The program generally last just under an hour and features guests who range from authors on child psychology, psychologists, teachers and other competent professionals. The show generally has a light atmosphere and often times callers are encouraged to call in with concerns and questions which help provide further content for the show.

I enjoy this show immensely as it can be fun and humorous while at the same time addressing serious topics. Like most podcasts, it generally requires a pretty decent level of Italian. The show also has substantial archives of episodes from past years.